Reset for toner tn2420 and tn2410 of Brother printer

Brother in his new range of toner and ink cartridges has added a chip, if the machine does not detect the chip does not print, is a smart chip and is changing so there is toner that a few months ago if they worked and now with the new update do not.

If you have a TN-2420 toner with a chip and it does not work, the only solution is to try this or change the chip for a new generation chip.

  • Press the “Menu” button
  • With the arrows up and down ↑ ↓ look for the option “General Options” and press “OK”.
  • With the help of the arrows ↑ ↓, we will now look for the option “Change Toner / Recharge Toner” and press “OK”.
  • Now we select the option “Continue” and press “OK”.
  • Ready! we can continue printing until the toner runs out.

Author: Ángel García

Responsible for the content in this blog, aimed at helping users of business printers. I have been selling printers, ink cartridges and toner in A4toner since 2009. Luckily I am in touch with printers every day, to test the quality of our cartridges and to make new analysis or reviews to help our customers choose the best printers. With technical training and devotion as I love printing The printer is today the most important tool for the free dissemination of ideas and knowledge, (the internet is not private, so it is not free), to be able to print documents with a printer, as the Chinese did in the 11th century BC with porcelain, the Romans with clay or Gutenberg with the printing press becomes something almost magical and at the same time very cheap and accessible to anyone.) You can see more information about this company at: Who we are?

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