Brother LC223 / LC221 ink cartridges

Compatible and Original Brother LC223 and LC221 ink cartridges

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The brother LC221 ink cartridges are the ones that correspond to the ink cartridges that come out with beach buckets and a shovel. In a4toner these cartridges we only have them for sale in originals being the low capacity cartridge we prefer in compatible to have only the LC223 since it is cheaper and more ecological. Besides being valid for less printers than the lc-223.
brother lc223

The LC223 ink cartridge is the cartridges that correspond to the Epson ink in which a comet comes out. The advantage of these cartridges over the LC221 is that you can print twice as many pages.
Brother lc223 compatible

At a4toner you can buy LC-223 compatible cartridges of premium quality. We also have a multipack of 10 LC223 grade b ink cartridges, this product is much cheaper and if you are looking to save with your purchase.
Compatible Brother LC223 ink vs Original Brother LC-223 ink cartridges

The main difference between compatible lc223 brother cartridges and original LC-223 inks is the price. The ink cartridges manufactured and sold by a4toner are designed from 0 to ensure quality, reliability and durability in the number of pages printed equal to or greater than Original Brother ink cartridges, for this reason the difference you will find between one and the other is that they are not from the same manufacturer and the price, being the A4toner ink cartridges much cheaper.

Difference between Original Brother lc221 and lc223 cartridges
cartridges LC221 and LC223 no. of pages Color
LC221 Black 260 pages according to ISO / IEC 24711 Black ink cartridge
LC221 Cyan 260 pages according to ISO / IEC 24711 Cyan ink cartridge
LC221 Magenta 260 pages according to ISO / IEC 24711 Magenta ink cartridge
LC221 Yellow 260 pages according to ISO / IEC 24711 Yellow ink cartridge
LC223 Black up to 550 pages (according to ISO / IE 24711) Black ink cartridge
LC223 Cyan up to 550 pages (according to ISO / IE 24711) Cyan ink cartridge
LC223 Magenta up to 550 pages (according to ISO / IE 24711) Magenta ink cartridge
LC223 Yellow up to 550 pages (according to ISO / IE 24711) Yellow ink cartridge

Brother LC221 and LC223 multipack cartridges

You can also buy the VAL references that are the pack of 4 cartridges.

Brother lc223 printer

    Brother DCPJ4120DW Printer
    Brother DCPJ562DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ1100 Printer
    Brother MFCJ1140W Printer
    Brother MFCJ1150DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ1170DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ1180DWT Printer
    Brother MFCJ4420DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ4425DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ4620DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ4625DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ480DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ5320DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ5600 Printer
    Brother MFCJ5620DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ5625DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ5720DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ680DW Printer
    Brother MFCJ880DW Printer

The lc223 pack of 10 is the cheap printer ink for these printers.
Other Brother ink cartridges LC-227 for black and lc-225 also valid for these printers


    Brother DCP-J4120DW Printer
    Brother MFC-J4420DW Printer
    Brother MFC-J4425DW Printer
    Brother MFC-J4620DW Printer
    Brother MFC-J4625DW Printer

The LC227xl cartridges are the inks in which two cups come out and the lc225xl are the cartridges that come out with an umbrella. They are also in a multipack that shows some cups and an umbrella is called lc227xl pack 4 cartridges or lc227xlvalbp. The advantage that these cartridges have is the ink capacity, as you can see in the following table they are capable of printing more than twice that of the LC223 for that reason if you have one of the printers valid for this reference and you spend a lot of ink, you We recommend purchasing the LC-227 and LC-225.
Cartridges LC-227 and LC-225 No. of pages Color
LC227 XL Black Capacity: 1,200 pages Black ink cartridge
LC225 XL Cyan Capacity: 1,200 pages Cyan ink cartridge
LC225 XL Magenta Capacity: 1,200 pages Magenta ink cartridge
LC225 XL Yellow Capacity: 1,200 pages Yellow ink cartridge

LC229 ink cartridge xl the extra large LC223 ink cartridge

Ink cartridge that comes with a green office chair, is in a pack with the colored LC225s. With this cartridge you can print up to 2400 pages, which is a great advantage for people who print many documents and spend a lot of black ink, being able to save a lot of money by having to buy a single ink cartridge instead of the more than 4 lc223 cartridges you would need to print the same.

The great disadvantage of this cartridge is that it is not valid for all brother printer models, it can be put into printers:

Brother MFC-J5320DW
Brother MFC-J5620DW
Brother MFC-J5625DW
Brother MFC-J5720DW