Brother LC3211 / LC3213 ink cartridges

Compatible and Original Brother LC3211 and LC3213 Ink Cartridges

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LC3211 ink cartridges

Brother ink cartridges that come out with the drawing of orange, are cartridges designed to print up to 200 pages (according to ISO / IEC 24711) both in its LC3211bk version and in the other three colors. The advantage of being 4 individual cartridges is that they can be changed individually as the ink runs out.
LC3211BK LC3211C LC3211M LC3211Y

Black cartridges, designed to offer optimum print quality from its first to the last copy, being an example in reliability and peace of mind.

These printers include the BK mode or monochrome mode function that allows you to print in black or grayscale if you run out of color

LC3213 XL ink cartridges

The Brother LC3213 reference corresponds to the inks that come out of a 5-cone ice cream cone. They are 4 cartridges and are equivalent to the Brother LC3211 cartridge but with a large capacity, these inks allow you to print 400 pages each color (according to ISO / IEC 24711). They are the perfect cartridge option for people or companies that print more than 30 pages per month, since they allow a much cheaper printing cost in addition to the convenience of not having to do so many replacements.

LC3211 and LC3213 ink cartridges prices
LC3211 / LC3213 Number of pages Price in €
LC3211 Black up to 200 pages € 12.50
LC3211 Cyan up to 200 pages € 7.50
LC3211 Magenta up to 200 pages € 7.50
LC3211 Yellow up to 200 pages € 7.50
LC3213 Black up to 400 pages € 16.30
LC3213 Cyan up to 400 pages € 12.10
LC3213 Magenta up to 400 pages € 12.10
LC3213 Yellow up to 400 pages € 12.10
LC3211 Pack 4 cartridges up to 200 pages € 34.00
LC3213 Pack 4 cartridges up to 400 pages
€ 51.00
LC3213 and lc3211val multipack

As you can see in the table above there is a multipack version for the LC3211 called lc3211val. This is a set consisting of 4 cartridges: an Lc3211bk, an lc3211c, an lc3211y and a lc3211m. Also in the xl version, the LC3213val set consists of 4 cartridges: an Lc3213bk, an lc3213c, an lc3213y and an lc3213m. If you buy cartridges like this it has the advantage of being a little cheaper. But from a4toner we only recommend it if you have a similar ink consumption in the 4 cartridges. On our website there is also a compatible LC3213val multipack but it has 5 cartridges: 2 black, 1 cyan, 1 magenta and 1 yellow. This reference pays off as it is a very good offer.

lc3211 vs lc3213

In the previous table you can see that the only difference between the LC3211 and LC3213 inks is the price and the number of pages. Large cartridges have a price that does not reach double and if they print twice as many pages, so the cost per page is cheaper. If you print more than 200 pages a year, since they will not dry out, expire, or spoil, it is more advisable to buy the XL version. In compatible ink from A4toner we only sell the LC3213 because it is the cheapest cartridge and the most ecological because it requires less energy and plastic per copy, for these reasons, price and ecology, you can only buy XL compatible large capacity on our website. The LC3213 is much better than the compatible LC3211.
Compatible LC3211 3213 Original Vs cartridges

Our compatible LC3213 Premium cartridges are ink cartridges that have been manufactured from 0 with the aim of having a reliability, color quality and number of pages equal or superior in some cases to the Original Brother LC3213 ink cartridge. In addition we have achieved this for a price less than half the price of an original LC3213. Why buy the Original cartridge if the compatible cartridge is the same and you are going to save more than half? There are tastes for everything and there are people who are not willing to try for that reason in a4toner you can buy both the compatible version and the Original ink version from Brother.

This ink cartridge has a new generation chip integrated so this compatible cartridge lc3213 is not refillable and if it is recharged it requires a resetter or a new chip to print correctly.

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