Toner CE285A, compatible con el toner original hp CE285A

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Capacity: 2,000 A4 pages at 5% coverage.
Color: Black
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Compatible toner CE285A, black color.

The CE285a black alternative laser consumable offers a capacity of up to 2000 A4 pages with a 5% coverage, according to the ISO / IEC / 9752 standard imposed by the Institute of Standardization, this is a standard measurement used both for original toners and for the alternative toners. The CE285a toner has a minimum guarantee of two years. Our alternative CE285a product is a good economical saving option, since you can print your documentation to a quality similar to the original product CE285a (85A) at a lower price, you can save up to 70% cost. When you are installing the alternative toner CE285a in the HP printer inform you that in addition to changing the toner (part where the powder is), the drum is also changed (part that impregnates the powder to the sheet). Since the two pieces go together and do not need to be purchased separately at the time of making the purchase. Using our alternative toner you can be sure that it will not damage your printer. The alternative toner CE285a that we have does not cease to be an original toner that has been used up and goes through a process where the parts that are in poor condition are inspected, cleaned, refilled and replaced by other recycled or new ones. By acquiring our alternative toner, it will help to conserve natural resources, improve the quality of our environment and reduce waste, in this way we prevent more than 40,000 tons of plastic from accumulating on the surface of our planet. This toner is valid for the following printers:

HP Laserjet M1130MFP Serie 
HP Laserjet M1132MFP 
HP Laserjet M1134MFP 
HP LaserJet M1136MFP
HP LaserJet M1137MFP
HP LaserJet M1138MFP
HP LaserJet M1139MFP
HP LaserJet M1200 Series
HP Laserjet M1210MFP Series
HP LaserJet M1212NFMFP
HP LaserJet M1213NFMFP
HP Laserjet M1214NFH MFP
HP Laserjet M1216NFH MFP
HP Laserjet M1217NFW MFP
HP Laserjet M1218NFS MFP
HP Laserjet M1219NFS MFP
HP Laserjet P1002
HP Laserjet P1002W
HP Laserjet P1002WL
HP Laserjet P1100Series
HP Laserjet P1101
HP Laserjet P1102 
HP Laserjet P1102W 
HP LaserJet P1103
HP LaserJet P1104
HP LaserJet P1104W
HP Laserjet P1106 
HP Laserjet P1106W 
HP LaserJet P1108
HP LaserJet P1108W
HP LaserJet P1109
HP LaserJet P1109W
HP LaserJet Pro M1100 Series
HP Laserjet PRO M1130Series
HP Laserjet PRO M1132MFP 
HP LaserJet Pro M1134MFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1136MFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1137MFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1138MFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1139MFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1200 Series
HP Laserjet PRO M1210Series 
HP LaserJet Pro M1212NFMFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1213NFMFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1214NFHMFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1216NFHMFP
HP Laserjet PRO M1217NFW MFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1218NFSMFP
HP LaserJet Pro M1219NFSMFP
HP Laserjet PRO P1100Series 
HP Laserjet PRO P1101 
HP Laserjet PRO P1102
HP Laserjet PRO P1102W 
HP Laserjet PRO P1103 
HP Laserjet PRO P1104 
HP Laserjet PRO P1104W 
HP Laserjet PRO P1106 
HP Laserjet PRO P1106W 
HP Laserjet PRO P1108 
HP Laserjet PRO P1108W 
HP Laserjet PRO P1109 
HP Laserjet PRO P1109W 
HP LaserJet Professional M1100 Series
HP Laserjet Professional M1132MFP
HP LaserJet Professional M1134MFP
HP LaserJet Professional M1136MFP
HP Laserjet Professional M1137MFP
HP LaserJet Professional M1138MFP
HP LaserJet Professional M1139MFP
HP LaserJet Professional P1100 Series
HP LaserJet Professional P1100 Series
HP Laserjet Professional P1102
HP Laserjet Professional P1102W
HP LaserJet Professional P1103
HP LaserJet Professional P1104
HP LaserJet Professional P1104W
HP Laserjet Professional P1106
HP Laserjet Professional P1106W
HP LaserJet Professional P1107
HP LaserJet Professional P1107W
HP LaserJet Professional P1108
HP LaserJet Professional P1108W
HP Laserjet Professional P1109
HP LaserJet Professional P1109W
HP LaserJet Professional P1134MFP
HP LaserJet Professional P1136MFP
HP LaserJet Professional P1138MFP
HP LaserJet Professional P1139MFP

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