cartuchos de tinta hpxl y cartucho normal

Ink Cartridge xl, what does it mean?

What is an XL ink cartridge?

The xl ink cartridges, are cartridges that can be put in ink or laser printers to replace other cartridges or toner that make fewer copies, are usually a little more expensive than normal but printing many more pages make the cost per page go out much cheaper and compensate buying the a priori more expensive product.

cartuchoxl vs cartucho de tinta normal

Toner xl

Toners xl have several nomemglaturas according to the manufacturers.

In HP the toner xl are the x version while the normal is the a, in Samsung the finished in L are the xl while the finished in s are normal, in the canon toner cartridges it is normal to see the xl not an h at the end . The Brother toner changes the number being a larger number, eg Tn247 printing 3000 copies is the xl of TN243 toner that only prints 1000